Based in Manila, my soundscapes range from instrumentals to songs. The works are meant to be studies of contemporary styles fused with traditional musical sources in varied forms and styles from rock and roll, the blues and varied South-American forms and rythms.

Two new singles and an LP now streaming.

Wrote this 16 years ago when our son Santiago was born, stuck in the hospital with a nylon string. Recorded it with LowCal, a band i was in with Harald Huyssen.

Pare Ko

My tribute to the great Frank Zappa. I loved his openness and bravery to speak truth to power and he opened new realms of music that changed generations, he had such a intense and deeply unique style of improvising on the guitar. 'Pare Ko' a tagalog term for friend, someone you call in passing, on the street. i always liked to think if i knew Frank i would be able to call him that.

A compilation of some of previously released singles but the live versions which i always liked better. It also has two new cuts featuring my son Santiago . to be released on January 22.

Samba for Santiago
All of The People